David Cameron’s idea to cut benefits for under 25s is shocking, misguided, and downright dangerous.

Actually, strike one of those – it’s not shocking at all. It’s exactly what you’d expect from his government. A government that has done shit all to create the “land of opportunity” that DC now waxes so lyrically about. 

This announcement is just the latest in a string of ideas that show the Tories do not care about the young of Britain; raising tuition fees, changing the way exams are laid out, cutting benefits; these will not promote the cultural and economic growth so needed in the youth of Britain.

Cameron’s attitude about the whole thing, promising to “nag and push” young people into education or work, shows just how out of touch he is with the current economic situation and its effects on the youth of Britain.

We do not need more benefit cuts. We need action to encourage growth. We need more schools, more creative platforms, and most importantly more jobs.

Removing a lifeline will not encourage us to swim – not at this late stage. It will just be another stone tied to our ankles, dragging us down into the deep waters of a lifetime of debt.


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