Political correctness turned itself in after slaying four people in Trafalgar Square.

Doctors say that political correctness suffered extreme stress over its adult life, carrying over complex psychiatric problems from a troubled childhood that compounded into a severe psychopathic disorder.

“We really should have seen this coming” said Chief of Police Andrew Tarn, “bigots and homophobic people have warned us of political correctness’ state of mind for years. It’s our mistake that we didn’t act sooner.”

Self-proclaimed right-wing idiot Greg Adams spoke to The Oracle earlier: “I knew something was up with that political correctness character ever since I was arrested for mugging a gay man. All I did was beat up and take the money of a man who doesn’t like fannies and somehow I’m the one in jail! I sat in that cell thinking to myself: “it’s political correctness gone mad, it really is.” That’s why ever since I was released I’ve been trying to raise awareness of the dangers of political correctness gone mad.”

The British Medical Association is planning an in-depth study into political correctness’ troubled mind, with Channel 4’s ‘Dispatches’ programme already claiming television rights over a serialised documentary entitled “What Happens When Political Correctness Goes Mad”.

In light of the events, police have heeded warnings from middle-aged Nectar-card owners who have for years campaigned for awareness of the madness of political correctness’ best friend, Health and Safety.



  1. That last line is genius.

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