In the latest in a series of acts that distance Pope Francis from his traditional predecessors, the head of the Catholic church has revealed he is due to have a cameo in the new Durex ‘Christmas Condom’ advert.


The advert, due to premier on the 20th December, will feature the supreme pontiff cameoing as himself in a nativity-themed condom mix-up that will “go some way to explaining the miracle of the incarnation”, revealed CEO of Durex Ray Fitzwanger earlier today.

His Holiness Pope Francis has achieved worldwide reverence for his tolerance and understanding of other religions and forms of belief, with some going so far as to say he has “brought Catholicism into the 21st century”. He has been much lauded for breaking from the traditionalist ways of his predecessors, in particular Pope Benedict XVI, in encouraging good morals over devout religiosity and condemning child abuse in the Catholic Church.

This new move, however, will certainly be his biggest break from tradition yet: opposing contraception has been a vital part of the Catholic religion for centuries, and His Holiness’ cameo in a condom advert will antagonise many Catholics across the world.

It is also the first time in living memory that a Pope has appeared in an advertisement of any kind – though Pope Leo XIII did appear in an advert for Coca-Cola in 1901, much to the College of Cardinals’ chagrin.

Speaking about the upcoming performance, Pope Francis revealed that he was “nervous”, as he hasn’t acted since a boyhood production of ‘Guys and Dolls’ in his native Argentina. “It will be an enlightening experience for all concerned,” he said, “and I hope that it will encourage a new way of thinking within the Church.”



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