The referendum, called to decide on a new constitution, has instead resulted in an overwhelming decision to return to a “Kingdom of Ra” state, similar to that enjoyed by the Egyptians nearly 5000 years ago.


Egyptian voters were participating in a two-day referendum to decide the future of their country – namely, whether the constitution should be changed from that that was installed by President Morsi before his removal from government in a military coup.

However, instead of voting “Yes” to this decision, as they were ‘advised’ to do, Egyptian voters have instead overwhelmingly voted to return to a way of life not dissimilar to the Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms of Ancient Egypt.

The news was broken by a representative of the current interim government today, only a few hours after voting opened:

“Although we have not been voting for long, it is clear already that the referendum is swinging in one particular direction. The people have spoken, and we are powerless to stop such a tidal wave of opinion. From this moment, the country of Egypt will return to being ruled by Pharaohs and worshiping animal-headed Gods.”

The decision shocked many heads of state around the world, though the Chief of the British Museum is said to be “delighted”.

Exactly how far the transformation into Ancient Egypt will go nobody is sure – will the government reinforce slave labour to build new pyramids? Will the alphabet be abandoned in favour of hieroglyphics? Will there be sacrifice to ensure the continued rise and fall of the River Nile? All of these questions and more will be need to be tackled by whomever takes up the mantle of Pharaoh of the New(est) Kingdom.


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