“It had nothing to do with the Falklands War,” one Argentinian told The Oracle, “Jeremy Clarkson et al. are simply maddeningly irksome.”

Falklands War

The crew and cast of the BBC motoring show, ‘Top Gear’, have had to stop filming their Argentinian special because they were hounded out of the country.

“Thousands” of Argentinians pursued the team to the border, tweeted Jeremy Clarkson, who also claimed that they were being “pelted with rocks”.

Initially, it was assumed that this aggression had to do with the numberplate of a Porsche Clarkson was driving. “H982 FKL” was thought to have angered Argentinians by referring to the Falklands War conflict of 1982.

However, members of the angry mob that chased the motorists out of the country say that they did it “simply because Clarkson, Hammond, and May are the most insufferable idiots on the face of the earth”.

“With every second they stayed here, they were staining our country’s reputation,” complained one man, “it was either chase them out of the country or bury them alive in a pit of snakes.”

The Oracle would like to advise any nation to follow Argentina’s fine example, and hound the ‘Top Gear’ team out of their country as soon as they arrive – if not sooner.


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